We have received a number of questions on why you might need Greenbill if you are already using Quickbooks and emailing invoices. What does it offer? Why should you bother.  I traded a few emails with a friend David Mammano who suggested a simple top 10. Thanks for the idea Dave.

10. Seamless 2-way integration with Quickbooks.

9. Get up and going with Greenbill in minutes. It is painless and leverages your existing Quickbooks data.

8. Get up to date access to who paid and who owes from anywhere online. Works on the iPhone too.

7. Greenbill makes it super easy to get paid online via Credit Card, Paypal, Google Checkout or better yet by ACH/eCheck.

6. Quick and convenient  ACH/eChecks. ACH is $0.35 per payment instead of 2-3% of the transaction.

5. Your customers will love the your branded web portal. Its simple, fast and easy to use.

4. The reporting kicks ass. See trends and payment patterns for your customers that you have been missing in Quickbooks.

3. Set it and Forget. You never have to worry about making sure the invoices and reminders get to the right people.

2. Our Customers get paid 10 days faster on average when they use our solution for their invoice delivery, collections and online payments process.

And…..(Drum Roll Please)
1. Go Green and Get Paid Faster. If you are still sending paper out of Quickbooks, STOP IT.  Greenbill is good for the planet and good for your business.

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    Where do I sign up ?

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