About Us

The entire Greenbill team understands the utter importance of cash flow to businesses. Without a consistent, and manageable process to apply cash and keep cash collecting activities organized and efficient, the bottom line profitability can and will suffer. Greenbill provides your company with a seamless invoicing, collection and payment system, increasing your cash flow, reducing outstanding invoices and allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Not only is Greenbill your companies one source for online invoicing, collecting and payment processing, we are your company’s contribution to a Green solution for business. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are the first steps to a greener planet. Not only does Greenbill follow these steps to help the environment, we provide the tools to Remove paper invoicing and payments from your business practices.

Remove the waste associated with paper invoicing and the burden it places on the environment. With every paper generated invoice comes envelopes, inks and fuel for delivery. By removing these disposables from your company’s invoice cycle, the benefits are not only financial but ecological as well.

We invite you to explore our site, take a tour of the Greenbill application and sign up for a one month free trial. The trial is free, no strings attached, no credit card, no obligations, none!  To make it even better, when the trial ends, sign up for a Greenbill account and all your data will be available. No starting over and best of all no data to re-enter.

Try our Green Calculator, enter your current paper invoice information. You will be amazed at the difference paperless invoicing can make when it comes to the environment. With each paper invoice that is removed from traditional billing and receivable methods, our planet becomes a little greener.

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