At Greenbill we see every question as a chance to view Greenbill from the point of our users and hear their opinions and ideas.

In the event that you do not find an answer to your particular question please do not hesitate to fill out our contact form with your question. The Greenbill team will be happy to provide an answer.

I can generate PDFs in Quickbooks, why use Greenbill?

Greenbill not only generates invoices but allows for payments, reporting and automatic follow ups. Collection activities are scheduled and payments are recorded closing your invoices, Quickbooks can’t. See our BLOG, “10 ways Greenbill can enhance Quickbooks invoicing & billing.”

Is “Try Greenbill For Free” really free? What is the catch?

There is no Catch, none. All features are available for you to begin invoicing, collecting payments and integrating with your accounting department. When your 30 day period has expired, sign up for services on one of our service plans.  All with no catch!

How does Greenbill help me get paid faster?

Greenbill eliminates the need to print, mail and wait for your customers to be invoiced, the same goes for payments. Invoices can be viewed right on line, through the customer portal, eliminating  confusion. Greenbill reduces your Days Sales Outstanding and increases your cash flow.

What size clients has Greenbill been designed to service?

From companies with 30 invoices a month to corporations with over 2 million, Greenbill has the power and functionality to increase your company’s cash flow.  With intuitive features, including reminders, email delivery and custom dunning letters, Greenbill provides easy to use functionality to companies of any size.

Which departments within our company would benefit the most from using Greenbill?

From your A/R department, managers and accounting, Greenbill provides solutions. Electronic invoice presentment and payment eliminates the need to print while automatically depositing remittances into the appropriate accounts. With intuitive dashboards, users can easily identify customer payment trends, month to month comparisons and business areas which may need more attention or improvements.

My company has older computers, what are the minimum requirements to use Greenbill?

Greenbill is an entirely Web Based Service and there is no need for any additional programs or applications. To use Greenbill all that your company needs is a high speed internet connection and the Web Browser which you are currently using. our servers do all the hard work so your computers do not have to.

What information does my company need to provide when signing up for Greenbill services?

When you sign up for Greenbill services there is only basic information which needs to be provided. Company name, address, contact information. No sensitive data is required. Simply fill out the sign up form, select your unique user name and your Greenbill account is ready to use.

What is the Greenbill pricing structure? Can I upgrade or downgrade without penalties or extra charges?

We understand that there are always concerns about selecting a service plan which will work best for your company. If at any time you wish to change your company’s service plan, you are free to do so, without penalties or fees. Greenbill keeps your business focus where it belongs, getting paid faster.

Once my company is signed up for Greenbill, what are the steps to begin my online invoicing?

First you will need to set up your customers. This can be done manually or by importing your current customer data from Quickbooks. Select the create invoice tab, enter your invoice information and send. That is it. Your customers will receive their E-Mail invoice with easy payment options tailored to their preferences. Greenbill takes the headaches out of your invoicing.

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