Invoicing & Collections

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Its not really a sale until the invoice is paid

Greenbill has been developed and built based on 9ci’s 15 years of accounts receivable experience. We know the ins and outs of getting your invoicing, payment processing and how to get your invoices paid faster!

  • Generate invoices electronically without leaning on paper or printing.
  • Send and resend invoices electronically without postage.
  • Collect payments without waiting for paper checks.
  • Schedule custom follow up reminders on a schedule that works for your business
  • Automated follow up with an email or fax. If required the system can tell you when its time for a phone call or printed letter.
  • Use one of Greenbill’s library of follow up letters or create your own.
  • Improved customer contact reduces disputes and increases sales.

Designed to simplify all tasks involved with invoicing and collecting. We understand that multiple applications and screen hopping are productivity killers. Create, deliver and collect your invoices in just a few steps all with Greenbill.

  • Create your new invoice.
  • Select your preferred delivery method.
  • Easily view when your invoices are paid.
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