Simple Online Payments

online credit card payments

The money should be in your bank account, not in the mail.

Paper checks are slow, that is a fact. Your customers need to process your invoice, cut the check, and then mail it to you. Give them the option to pay you online. Just the mail delivery alone can add days to your wait. With Greenbill’s online payment process there is no wait. Your customers payments are traceable, more accurate and eliminates processing paper checks once they are received.

  • Receive online payments electronically through our account payment portal.
  • Accept eCheck or ACH at a much less expensive charge of $0.50 vs credit card processing fees of 2-3%
  • Multiple payment options, ACH, E-Check, Paypal and all the major credit cards for faster payments.
  • Process through our gateway or integrate with an existing, Paypal or Paysimple account.
  • With electronic payments you get your money faster, no waiting, no delays. No “checks in the mail”.
  • Set up instant alerts to notify you when payments are received and invoices are closed.
  • Your customers can view their open invoices and pay multiple items at once.
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