What's Your Financial Paper Footprint?

Calculate how much you can reduce your environmental impact by switching to electronic billing, statements and payments! Just enter the number in approximate pages of bills and statements you send each month and the number of checks you receive, to see the difference you can make if you switch:

Calculate Your Green Footprint

How many paper invoices, statements and reminder letters do you send each month?

How many paper payments and papges of remittance detail do you receive each month?


In just 3 years, by switching to Greenbill's electronic invoicing, payments and statments you can SAVE the following resources and prevent the following waste:

Paper pounds of paper
Water gallons of ugly mill wastewater discharged into lakes, streams and rivers
Gasoline gallons of gas consumed by mailing your bills, statements, and payments
Greenhouse Gases pounds of greenhouse gases produced
This amount of greenhouse gas is the equivalent of: miles driven in your car
trees eliminated (and grown for 10 years)
square feet of forest eliminated